450 Hour Bridge Instructor Training Program

The Century Pilates Instructor Training Bridge Program is a comprehensive 30 week, 450 hour program. This immersive bridge apprenticeship is tailored to the needs of teachers who already have experience teaching. We empower all teachers to feel confident with knowledge, and we encourage experienced classical teachers searching for inspiration & the need to reinvent themselves by embracing a new perspective in teaching Joseph Pilates method. Not all comprehensive certifications will be considered when meeting the criteria for qualifying as a bridge apprentice. Please arrange a meeting with Emily Wills to discuss your current comprehensive Pilates certification to see if it meet minimum requirements.

Our program has 4 mandatory weekend seminars self-guided practice study guides throughout each segment to deepen your critical thinking skills as you evolve & transform as a teacher.

In addition to training seminars, Private and group training is required to become certified. When you commit to Private training you’re ensuring that your body & mind connection is being nurtured. You receive training centered on proper alignment, superior form & technique, and mastery of Pilates principles, prescribed flow, & order or exercises. You will master transitions which maximize your session and you’ll have the advantage of fully benefiting from the entire system of Contrology by utilizing ALL apparatus.

This is a “learn to teach everybody Pilates” program just as much as it is a “practice Pilates for your own body” program.

Bridge 450 Hour Certification Breakdown CPIT Seminar Tuition: 4 Mandatory Weekend Seminars

Bridge Training Tuition $ 3,800 & $250 Training Manual

1st Payment: $500 Non-refundable deposit due immediately upon acceptance into program & signed contract. 30% or $1,140 paid 2 weeks before Beginner Seminar weekend
2nd Payment: $640 auto draft Due 2 Weeks Before Scheduled Beginner Training Seminar
3rd Payment: $886 auto draft Due 2 Weeks Before Scheduled Intermediate I Training Seminar
4th Payment: $886 auto draft Due 2 Weeks Before Scheduled Intermediate II Training Seminar 5th Payment: $886 auto draft Due 2 Weeks Before Scheduled Advanced Training Seminar

$250 Training Manual

Early Bird Pricing: Save $380 by paying in full upfront 2 months before training. ONLY $3,420.

Mandatory Personal Training & Group Class Rates

Mandatory 30 Hours of Private and/or Semi-Private Training
Mandatory 30 Group Classes

20% off all private training services for apprentices, excluding memberships.

Rates below are subject to change. Individual services may also be charged by appointment rather than packages.

Option #1: Total $2,280+

  • 30 Private Training Session $2,280 ($76 per appointment)

Option #2: Total $2,640

  • 15 Private Training Session $1,140 ($76 per appointment)
  • 15 Semi-Private Training Sessions $720 ($48 per appointment)
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