150 Hour Individual Systems Training Certification

Need to get into a new career quick? We have just the thing. Intensive systems seminars. We can certify you within 2 months and you can start teaching after your first weekend seminar. Century Pilates Instructor Training Intensive Levels are abbreviated comprehensive 7 week 150 hour programs. This immersive apprenticeship is tailored to the needs of new teachers who want to enter the workforce sooner rather than later without the commitment of traditional strenuous 600 hour apprenticeships.

We nurture new teachers to feel confident and empowered with knowledge, industry ethics, teaching style and language, and progressing client strength. Our program has 4 levels with each segment deepening your critical thinking skills as you evolve & transform as a teacher. Students must follow the recommended levels in order, I, II, III, IV.

3 Day Mandatory Training Seminars

1st Payment: $500 Non-refundable deposit due immediately upon acceptance into program & signed contract.

CPIT Seminar Tuition Total: $1,400-$1,600

$75 Training Manual

Early Bird Pricing: Save up to $175 by paying in full upfront 4 weeks before training.

Mandatory Personal Training & Group Class Rates

Mandatory 8 Hours of Private and/or Semi-Private Training
Mandatory 8 Group Classes or an 2 month contract for 4-Session Monthly Membership $99 monthly charge totaling $200

20% off all services for apprentices excluding memberships.

Rates below are subject to change. Individual services may also be charged by appointment rather than packages.

Option #1: Total $800

  • 8 Private Training Session $576 ($72 per appointment)
  • 8 Pack of group classes $224 ($28 per group class) or 4 Session Monthly membership for 2 month contract $199

Option #2: Total $704

  • 4 Private Training Session $288 ($72 per appointment)
  • 4 Semi-Private Training Sessions $192 ($48 per appointment)
  • 8 Pack of group classes $224 ($28 per group class) or 4 Session Monthly membership for 8 month contract $199
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