Pioneering the Standard in Classical Pilates Education.

We empower teachers to deliver the authentic Pilates method with passion, confidence, care, & above all, originality that’s rooted in time honored methodology. Be on a new rewarding career path, with a full comprehensive Pilates certification in under 8 months. Relish in the benefits of being a 4th generation Pilates instructor from multiple Pilates lineage styles

About Century Pilates Teacher Training

Our Purpose is simple. We love what we do.

Century Pilates is proud to be Arlington, Texas’ premier teacher training studio offering a lineage based Pilates teaching certification proudly founded right here in the heart of the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex. Our mission is clear, provide & continue to proliferate the highest quality Pilates instructor education on the market so that new teachers & their future students alike come to know that authentic Pilates is rooted deeply in the rich history of Joseph Pilates teachings & carried on through his students. Pilates is a system of movement which we present & teach in that tradition. As one of the only fully equipped classical Pilates studios in Texas, we are proud to offer the fullest & most robust comprehensive material available to aspiring teachers or those looking to bridge to a new program. Century Pilates creator & founder, Emily Wills, brings over a decade of experience from multiple Pilates platforms to create what she feels will nurture the most well rounded Pilates instructors. As a CPTT apprentice, you will not just learn to teach the classical exercises, you will learn the WHY and FOR WHAT, which many programs fall short on. Emily will encourage you to find your own voice, your own style, and your own way in the Pilates industry. Our mission is to have each and every Century Pilates graduate master group & private training & stand out in a sea of instructors as someone who confidently & unapologetically knows their stuff.

Visiting The Studio

Where to Find Us

2500 NE Green Oaks Blvd. Suite 128

Arlington, TX 76006